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  • Truth In Media Project, Season 2 Trailer Please help support our Indiegogo project today From: Ben Swann Views: 2 0 ratings Time: 02:18 More in News & Politics MoreNo Related Posts

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  • Filmmaker and author G Edward Griffin talks about the history of the secret cabal known as the ‘Federal Reserve’ — how it came about, what it’s done and what we can do about it. He also offers… MoreNo Related Posts

  • Get Your Free Gold Kit at It is almost obvious that everyone desires to attain financial freedom and security in order to be cu… MoreNo Related Posts

  • The Northern Miner TV News February 6, 2009 Freeports US$13B writedown Thompson Creek's moly cutbacks Cliffs enters Ontario's Ring of Fire Rio Tinto turning to Chinalco. From: The Northern Miner Views: 126 1 ratings Time: 05:37 More in News & Politics MoreNo Related Posts

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  • Jim Willie does it again with his informative interview about the new government forced IRA plan MyRA.  Obama, in his State of the Union address implied that he will sign an executive order without Congress’s approval to force government employees on to the new Obama retire plan. We’re going to start calling the new pension…

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  • Steve Quayle and V, speak with the Haggmans about current economic events and God. Intro music: Matthew 25 Unplug. April 15th, 2013 The Last Hurrah: How to w… Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit…. Buy 1 oz. American Gold Eagles Buy NEW 10 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bars JM Bullion Testimonials MoreNo Related Posts

  • The London Metal Exchange or LME, is the world’s top marketplace for base metals such as copper and zinc. It recently sold itself to Hong Kong Exchanges and … MoreNo Related Posts

  • BRICS meeting Russian bodyguards HAD A ROW with local SECURITY teamA scandalous incident was barely averted at the BRICS summit in South Africa as Russian Pr… MoreNo Related Posts

  • This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the scandals of Americas economic Suez and neutering Iran. In the second half of the show Max talks … MoreNo Related Posts

  • Do you hold precious metals "ammo" – or empty shell casings? Receive a 30 Day trial to The Morgan Report (TMR) Go to – How to Earn Silver or Gold on the Internet- htt… From: silver Views: 35 1 ratings Time: 09:58 More in Education MoreNo Related Posts

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