What is OnPay?

OnPay is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive payroll software that provides scalable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. This cloud-based service streamlines payroll processes and automates tax filing and payment workflows. Entering payroll information such as hours, tips, reimbursements, and bonuses are done seamlessly. It also incorporates other responsibilities including benefits (health insurance and 401(k) retirement) and compensation insurance for pay-as-you-go workers.

It’s one of the most affordable and cost-effective solutions in the niche as it takes care of unlimited payroll runs for W-2 employees and 1099 contract workers monthly. It offers payroll through check or direct deposit. However, direct deposit is not available for all employers. Only those who apply for the feature and pass the risk assessment conducted by OnPay can use it.

Handling payroll taxes is also optimized by the software as it calculates your state and federal payroll taxes. They do the withholding, tax payments, and filing of tax forms. OnPay abides by its accuracy guarantees which means they will take responsibilities if there are any errors in the tax filing.

While others find it too basic, it’s also one of the software’s strengths because it’s able to deliver its core services straightforwardly and effectively. This is evident in its clean UI that is filled with only the essential tools. It’s also cost-efficient for it bundles its service packages based on the number of employees. With key features like employee management, payroll compliance, and HR tools, OnPay delivers in terms of effectiveness and value for money.
Award-winning service

From onboarding and setup to ongoing support, our team knows payroll — and we’ll always have your back.
The tools you need, now and later

OnPay is simple enough for the smallest businesses, but flexible features and permissions make it easy to scale.
Pricing that’s straightforward

No add-on fees. No complex pricing tiers. You’ll never hit a paywall when you ask us to do more for you.

OnPay Online Features

  • Pay Calculation
  • Payroll History For Each Employee
  • Benefit Plan Administration
  • Direct Deposit Files
  • Payroll Tracking And Auditing
  • Salary Revision And Increment Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Statutory Form Management
  • File And Pay Taxes In 50 States
  • Employee Self-service
  • Employee Self-onboarding
  • Pto Tracking And Accrual
  • Organization Charts
  • Unlimited Pay Runs
In other words, OnPay is a full-service payroll that provides employee self onboarding, automatic tax filing, and caters to both employees and contractors.

Overview of OnPay Benefits

Proper payroll management is fundamental in keeping a business going. It’s a crucial business aspect that requires special attention due to the particular legal processes involved. OnPay can help you in confidently dealing with such matters as it offers a wide array of features and tools with valuable benefits for your payroll processes. Here are the details:

Efficient employee management

Online Access and Employee Self On-boarding enable your employees to enter their own personal data, make changes, and retrieve their own paystubs and tax forms. This saves your time so you can focus on your high-level tasks. If you have new hires, the software provides a checklist and notifies you of reporting needs and documentary requirements for the government.

Employees have Lifetime Accounts which means even if they’re no longer working for you, they can still access their pay stubs and W-2 forms online. It caters to a wide range of employee types including contractors, salaried employees, hourly workers, tipped workers, and agricultural workers. Handling special tax filings for nonprofits and clergies are also covered. Furthermore, it streamlines paying wages through various methods such as direct deposit, pre-paid debit cards, and checks.

Streamline payroll processes

One of the software’s most valuable features is allowing unlimited pay runs. It’s the software’s endeavor to allow businesses to run their payrolls according to their arrangements without having to face extra charges. This includes making corrections and canceling a pay run.

Information inputted by your employees is saved in a vault so there will be no need for time-consuming data entry. The fast-loading and user-friendly interface is designed to let you process your payrolls quickly and conveniently.

Fortify payroll compliance

OnPay has been in the business for three decades so they already know the dos and don’ts in handling payroll taxes. They take care of IRS and your state when running payroll, calculating taxes, paying them, and filing all tax forms. In fact, they have faith in their platform not to make errors that if they mess up, they pledge to be held liable and cover the fines for you. For any questions, they offer Certified Payroll Professionals whom you can call from 9 AM to 8 PM ET on weekdays to handle and answer your inquiries so you’ll avoid inaccuracies and oversights in your payroll taxes.

Facilitate HR processes

Storing documents and taking notes let you stay on top of your payroll tasks. OnPay enables advanced note-taking with image and document attachments. Users can also add comments, edit, and format the notes. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to an online HR library where you can obtain employee handbook templates and employment laws by state. It also consists of onboarding and offloading, annual reviews, and performance plans, among others. You can also track accrued time with ease for 3-tier PTO, sick, and vacation accruals. It has an unlimited number of policies and three-time periods for every policy.

Simplify Health Insurance Benefits

Administer health insurance benefits with OnPay’s nationwide availability. You’ll be working with licensed insurance brokers to help you understand the benefits better, especially when it comes to the medical, dental, and vision offerings. Since it’s integrated into the payroll, calculating for it is streamlined. You’ll also have the option to choose plans from different price points that work well for your company and your employees. Researching and generating quotes are available at no additional fee.

Optimize 401(k) Benefits

401(k) is a retirement plan that’s funded through pre-tax payroll deductions. OnPay lets you have an integrated experience by automating withholdings equipped with secure harbor plans and contribution matching. Investment management is done for free. Your employees are also given 401k(k) onboarding and education to let them understand better this special type of account and how it benefits them.

Cost-effective solution

OnPay has an inexpensive price point for their subscription plans while not neglecting on features with a multitude of integrations and government compliance. It’s also scalable when your business grows which lets you only pay for features that you actually need at a certain time. It doesn’t charge fees for changing plans, cancellations, annual fees, direct deposits, debit cards, and personal check printing, and withholding, remitting, and filing payroll taxes.

Ease of Use

OnPay has a simple and visually intuitive interface. The main features are visible on the left panel, which can be expanded and pinned. It’s easy to make changes or verify information as it lets you switch between tabs.

OnPay is only available within the US. At the time of writing this OnPay review, you can only access the service outside the US when using a VPN. While this is a security feature, it can complicate the user experience if you have a global workforce.

The lack of a dedicated mobile app is another significant drawback.

OnPay Pricing

As most OnPay payroll reviews have pointed out, OnPay’s pricing is mid-range. It has an affordable base rate, making it perfect for small companies. Yet, the overall cost can quickly add up if you have a large workforce.

  • Base Fee: $36/month
  • Per Employee: $4/month

You are only charged for the workers who are paid during that month. Because the OnPay cost isn’t separated into tiers, you’ll enjoy all features regardless of how many employees you have. OnPay comes with a one-month free trial for you to test the waters.

OnPay helped us migrate our information. They were prompt and efficient answering any questions I had. The help desk and back office did the hard work of entering the year to date info.

Matthew Young

Legal Consultant, United States


OnPay give you everything you need to navigate payroll, HR, and benefits
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