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gold is money ,everything else is credit

Precious Metals Prices

Russia backs the Ruble with gold and sends message to Western central banking systems that the credit Fiat-based monetary policies are dying. China continues to out buy anybody in the world and  gobbles up all supplies of gold being mined. One needs to ask himself, When I buy gold from my dealer where is it […]

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Bix on Banksters, Bitcoin, and Bullion

Will Lehr of sits down with Bix Weir of Bix gives his In depth analysis of precious metal events, including high-frequency trading, Money junkies, currency resets, Putin, Volcker rule, bitcoin, and beyond.  Bix is Right! In the late 60s computers came on and was the beginning of market manipulations because computers could handle […]

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Perpetual Assets

Gatekeeper Rickards WARNS: The END of This System is NEAR — The Doc

Jim Richards coming out with the death of money and the demise of the international monetary money policies. Insider trading documented in book during the 9/11 tragedy pointing to the CIA and they were directly involved. Jim Rickards acting as a witness or an involved person of interest? Ukrainian Gold disappears and its possible that […]

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David Morgan: Dollar Collapse After Years Of Exporting Debt & G20 Warning

  David Morgan: $100 Silver, Dollar Collapse, G20 Warning, Gold and Silver Will Be Global Phenomenon The IMF or the international monetary fund is an extension of our very own United States Federal Reserve system, a central bank’s sister. Countries around the world have been wanting the United States to get their monetary house in […]

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Regal Assets Tangible Assets

Robert Kiyosaki: Entrepreneurship Is Your Shield Against the Coming Wealth Transfer

The More The Govt Prints Money The Less Wealthy Society Gets. This process has occurred over over again through out history and at the end of its due course society collapses. According to history we are on the cusp of a collapse and one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history. Buy Gold Today.

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Jim Sinclair: Russia Can Collapse US Economy, Gold Update, Silver is Gold on Steroids & More

Gold expert Jim Sinclair is releasing a warning of a substantial drawback threat to U.S. injunctions versus Russia. Sinclair says enjoy the “battling buck” and Russia accepting any kind of money for oil and gas. Sinclair discusses, “It’s battling … given that it scents the actual teeth of revenge for penalties being in the basic […]

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devaluation of the dollar

David Morgan: The Precious Metals Physical Market Created a Bottom

Wall St for Main St questioned David Morgan, that is the editor of The Morgan Report. In this podcast, we asked David his ideas on the Ukraine/Russia Disagreement and exactly how it will have an effect on the UNITED STATES economic climate. Also, we discussed exactly how the government adjust the financial numbers to deceive […]

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Bill Murphy is Fired Up: Gold Will Become Explosive Within A Month, New Highs Coming!

Jobs report comes out and they slam Gold and Silver. Business as usual as larger than normal amounts of Gold and Silver move onto the markets. Its fishy but Bill Murphy says next week we will see new highs from this current move.   Tulving Bullion goes bankrupt…..  They officially closed the doors last […]

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The Internet Is What Happens When Government Stops Regulating (Schiff/Rogan BtS – Pt.3)

The Internet Is What Happens When Government Stops Regulating (Schiff/Rogan BtS – Pt.3) Behind the Scenes – Part 3 Peter Schiff on The Joe Rogan Experience Watch Interview Here: Listen to The Peter Schi… From: Peter Schiff Views: 301 73 ratings Time: 07:06 More in News & Politics

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Still Report # 235 – MH370 on Afghan/Pakistan Border

Still Report # 235 – MH370 on Afghan/Pakistan Border According to a Moscow newspaper, MH 370 was flown to a Taliban-controlled area an the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. All passengers are alive. Please consider … From: Bill Still Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:44 More in News & Politics

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Fabian Calvo: BLM and Deals for Chinese Investors, Imploding Dollar and Housing Market Crash

Fabian Calvo: BLM and Deals for Chinese Investors, Imploding Dollar and Housing Market Crash Fabian Calvo from says, "Real investors are scared to death of the imploding U.S. dollar. . . . Not everybody is a gold investor, and real es… From: Greg Hunter Views: 17023 47 ratings Time: 17:01 More in News & […]

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